2011 Mazda CX9 Silver Door Used Genuine Mazda Parts

The 2011 Mazda CX-9 Silver Door is a used vehicle that has been designed with genuine Mazda parts. It offers a reliable and efficient transportation option for those who value convenience and comfort in an automobile. This article will provide an overview of the features, design elements and performance capabilities of this car so as to help readers make an informed decision when considering it for their own use.

This model was first released in 2009 and since then, it has continued to draw significant attention from automotive enthusiasts due to its attractive exterior styling and exceptional handling characteristics. The CX-9 also comes loaded with creature comforts such as Bluetooth connectivity, heated seats and dual climate control systems. Additionally, this particular version includes several advanced safety features including lane departure warning systems, Blind Spot Monitoring System (BSMS) and Smart City Brake Support (SCBS). In sum, the Mazda CX-9 Silver Door provides users with a unique driving experience that can satisfy both practical needs while providing a sense of belonging through its luxurious offerings.

Overview Of Features

The Mazda CX9 Silver Door Used is a luxurious vehicle with an abundance of features. From its refined interior design to its fuel-efficient powertrain, this automobile offers drivers the perfect balance between utility and luxury. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, the Mazda CX9 provides first-class comfort in a sleek package.

Inside, the cabin offers plenty of room without sacrificing style. The leather seats are comfortable and supportive, while premium soft touch materials provide added refinement throughout the interior space. Additionally, advanced driver assistance technologies such as adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist help ensure a safe driving experience wherever your journey may take you.

On top of that, the Mazda CX9 has impressive fuel economy ratings thanks to its SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY engines. It’s equipped with either a 2.5L turbocharged four-cylinder engine capable of producing 250 horsepower or a 3.3L V6 delivering 320 horses—both paired with smooth six-speed automatic transmission systems ensuring seamless gear shifts at any speed range. With these performance capabilities combined with excellent gas mileage figures, every ride in this car will be enjoyable yet economical.

The Mazda CX9 takes exterior styling to new heights with its bold lines and athletic stance on the road that makes it stand out from other vehicles on the market today. Sporting 18-inch alloy wheels wrapped in all season tires along with LED lighting accents throughout gives it an air of sophistication that can’t be denied when cruising down city streets or country roads alike.

Exterior Styling

Mazda has always been known for its stylish and aggressive designs, and the exterior styling of the Mazda CX-9 is no exception. The front grille design is a bold and sleek chrome-plated finish with a distinct shape that makes it immediately recognizable. The bumper design is equally eye-catching, featuring a black painted finish and genuine Mazda parts for a durable look. Overall, the exterior styling of the Mazda CX-9 is sure to turn heads and make a statement on any road.

Front Grille Design

The Mazda CX9 Silver Door is a vehicle that stands out from the crowd with its exterior styling, particularly in regards to its front grille design. Its aesthetic appeal is immediately apparent and creates an unmistakable presence on the road. The glossy silver finish of the grille has luxury accents that give it a refined look – something which those seeking to make a statement will appreciate. It’s easy to see why this particular model is so popular; with its bold yet sophisticated appearance, it can be seen as representing success for many drivers. This distinctive style ensures that all eyes are upon it when driving by, making sure you’re never forgotten on the roads.

Bumper Design

The Mazda CX9 Silver Door’s bumper design adds to the overall visual appeal of this vehicle. Its aerodynamic shape creates a streamlined look that enhances its elegant exterior styling and also contributes to improved fuel efficiency. The large front grille is complemented nicely by an equally eye-catching rear bumper, with sleek curves on either side providing an attractive contrast to the boldness of the grille. This combined effect gives the car an undeniably stylish appearance which will turn heads wherever it goes. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, these features are designed with practicality in mind – they help protect cars from bumps and scrapes while driving and offer added protection for passengers if ever involved in a collision. In conclusion, the bumper design of the Mazda CX9 Silver Door provides both a visual feast for onlookers and useful utility for drivers. It is no wonder why this model has become so popular among those who appreciate style and substance alike.

Performance Capabilities

The Mazda CX9 Silver Door is an absolute powerhouse. With a range of powertrain options, its driving dynamics are second to none. From the responsive and efficient SkyActiv-G 2.5T four-cylinder engine to the robust SkyActiv-D turbocharged diesel engine, each option provides ample power for both city streets and highways alike. As far as handling goes, you’ll be hardpressed to find better performance in any other SUV on the market today; the CX9 features advanced GVC Plus with predictive AWD capability that helps keep your vehicle stable even in challenging conditions. The suspension system offers an incredibly smooth ride while offering great cornering control when needed – no matter what lies ahead, you can rest assured knowing your CX9 will deliver a thrilling drive every time.

No matter where life takes you, convenience and comfort come along for the ride with this outstanding vehicle. Its suite of intuitive technologies make it easy to stay connected wherever your travels take you, from hands-free calling and text messaging through Bluetooth connectivity to Apple CarPlay®/Android Auto™ integration for complete smartphone access at your fingertips. Dual zone climate control allows passengers up front to customize their ideal cabin temperature without affecting those in the backseat, making long road trips more enjoyable than ever before. Add in plenty of cargo space for all your hauling needs plus superior safety features such as Blind Spot Monitoring System (BSM) and Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), and there’s nothing quite like motoring in a Mazda CX9 Silver Door!

Convenience And Comfort

The Mazda CX9 Silver Door provides comfort and convenience at an attractive price. From its family friendly passenger capacity to its luxurious seating, the Mazda CX9 offers a pleasurable journey every time you get behind the wheel.

  1. With room for up to seven passengers in three rows of comfortable seats, the Mazda CX9 is perfect for larger families or groups.
  2. Luxury seating comes standard throughout with options such as heated leather-trimmed front seats available on higher trims.
  3. An 8-inch touchscreen display puts entertainment and navigation controls within easy reach – plus there are lots of storage compartments scattered throughout including two glove boxes and 1st row under seat storage bins.

With these features combined with its impressive safety ratings, it’s no surprise that this vehicle has been so popular among consumers looking for a reliable ride that also feels like home. The next step? Exploring how Bluetooth connectivity can make your drives even safer and more enjoyable!

Bluetooth Connectivity

Pairing Bluetooth devices in a Mazda CX9 Silver Door is a simple and straightforward process that only requires a few steps. Bluetooth settings are easily customizable, allowing users to tailor their listening experience to their preferences. Additionally, the Mazda CX9 Silver Door offers an impressive Bluetooth range that allows users to stay connected even when they are not in the immediate vicinity of the car. With the use of genuine Mazda parts, users are guaranteed a reliable Bluetooth connection that is both secure and consistent. As such, the Mazda CX9 Silver Door is an ideal vehicle for those looking for a reliable Bluetooth experience.

Pairing Bluetooth Devices

As modern vehicles become more and more connected to the outside world, Bluetooth connectivity is quickly becoming an essential feature for many drivers. By pairing your device with a compatible automobile, users can now enjoy hands-free calling and voice control without having to worry about wires or other distractions while driving. With Mazda’s CX9 Silver Door Genuine Parts, you can easily connect any Bluetooth enabled device in just seconds.

Once paired, it becomes effortless to make calls, send messages or access music libraries on mobile phones through the car’s audio system. The user simply needs to press one button on their phone to initiate a call – no need for searching through different menus or struggling with cords and cables! Additionally, voice recognition capabilities allow for even greater convenience by allowing commands such as "Call Bob" or "Turn Up Volume". This means that all of your important tasks can be done without ever taking your eyes off the road ahead.

Pairing Bluetooth devices has never been easier thanks to Mazda’s genuine parts. From quick connection times to intuitive control interfaces, this technology is sure to make life behind the wheel much simpler and safer than before. No longer will drivers have to juggle multiple items while trying to stay focused on the road; they can instead rest assured knowing their communication needs are taken care of at all times.

Bluetooth Settings

For those looking to take their Bluetooth connectivity experience a step further, audio streaming and voice commands are available through Mazda’s CX9 Silver Door Genuine Parts. Through the car’s audio system, users can stream music libraries from mobile phones with ease and control settings such as volume or playlists with simple voice commands. Additionally, these features allow for hands-free calling and messaging without ever having to make physical contact with your device – eliminating distractions that could be potentially hazardous while driving.

The intuitive design of Mazda’s genuine parts makes it easy to customize your user interface preferences in order to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently each time you get behind the wheel. With just one button on your phone required for initiating calls or sending messages, drivers can stay connected without taking away focus from the road ahead. Furthermore, using voice recognition capabilities allows you to access all of your important tasks quickly and effortlessly – allowing you more peace of mind while travelling without compromising safety standards.

With its convenient setup process and multitude of unique features, Mazda’s bluetooth technology provides an enhanced level of connection between driver and vehicle that is sure to improve any commute no matter how long or short. Whether you’re making a quick call or playing some tunes during a lengthy trip, this advanced capability ensures that nothing will stand between you and your destination.

Bluetooth Range

Bluetooth technology has revolutionized the way we stay connected on-the-go and Mazda’s genuine parts take this to a whole new level. With impressive range capabilities, drivers can now enjoy hands-free calling, audio streaming and voice commands from distances up to 10 meters away – making it easy to stay focused on the road ahead while staying in touch with family or friends. Whether you are running errands around town or taking a lengthy trip across country, you can rest assured that your connection won’t be broken due to loss of signal strength. Furthermore, thanks to advanced circuitry design, users are able to experience clear sound quality regardless of where they might roam – eliminating any potential interference with other nearby devices. Overall, Bluetooth Range allows us to keep our eyes on the prize without having to worry about losing contact along the way.

Heated Seats

The Mazda CX9 Silver Door is equipped with luxurious, heated seating. This feature offers enhanced comfort and relaxation to the driver and passengers alike. Sensors within the seat warm up quickly, so no matter how cold outside it may be, you can enjoy a cozy temperature while on the go. The heating elements in these seats are adjustable as well, allowing for any level of warmth desired by the user.

In addition to providing extra comfort during colder months, heated seating also has therapeutic benefits for those who suffer from back pain or muscle stiffness. By applying heat to areas that ache, this technology can help alleviate some of their discomfort associated with chronic ailments. Furthermore, if your car ever gets too hot due to being parked in direct sunlight all day long, the heated seating will enable users to cool down quicker than traditional fabric-based interiors.

Mazda’s impressive engineering team has created a top-of-the-line luxury interior experience for its customers with the CX9 Silver Door’s heated seating capabilities. Its combination of convenience and comfort make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for an automobile upgrade that adds both style and substance. Transitioning now into dual climate control…

Dual Climate Control

The Mazda CX9 Silver Door comes equipped with an impressive Dual Climate Control system. This allows for both driver and passenger to control the temperature of their side independently, providing a comfortable experience no matter what the climate outside is like. The air circulation within the cabin can be adjusted accordingly as well, ensuring that each occupant gets just the right amount of airflow.

For those who prefer a warmer environment while on the move, they will appreciate the dual zone temperature feature which lets them set their desired temperatures without having to worry about affecting other passengers in the car. Furthermore, it provides superior cooling performance even at low fan speeds compared to traditional single-zone systems – an important factor when traveling over long distances.

In addition to its convenience and comfort benefits, this advanced climate control system also adds extra value through improved fuel efficiency thanks to its optimized operation algorithms which reduce energy consumption. As such, drivers can expect reduced running costs from their vehicles whilst still enjoying all the comforts offered by modern technology. From luxury touches such as heated seats to economical benefits including higher gas mileage, this innovative Dual Climate Control System has something for everyone.

Advanced safety features are another area where Mazda CX9 Silver Door excels due to its array of cutting-edge technologies designed to protect occupants inside the vehicle during unexpected events on the road.

Advanced Safety Features

The Mazda CX9 has been designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable driving experience. In addition to its Dual Climate Control system, the CX9 also offers advanced safety features that make it an ideal choice for drivers who want maximum peace of mind on the road.

From fuel efficiency to luxury interior design, the Mazda CX9 is packed with impressive features:

  • 2.5-L SKYACTIV®-G turbocharged engine for better performance and fuel economy
  • Available i-ACTIVSENSE® suite of driver assistance technologies, including Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Traffic Alerts
  • High quality materials in cabin such as Nappa leather trim and wood accents
  • Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) helps ensure you always have clear sight during nighttime driving

These features combine to create one of the most reliable vehicles available today. The Mazda CX9 delivers not only superior comfort but cutting edge safety technology as well. For those seeking even greater security while they drive, the lane departure warning system is sure to be a welcome addition.

Lane Departure Warning System

  1. The Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) is a safety feature that alerts drivers when they unintentionally drift out of their lane.
  2. Installation of LDWS in the Mazda CX9 Silver Door is enabled through the use of genuine Mazda parts.
  3. LDWS works by using a camera to detect lane markings and alert drivers with a warning sound if the vehicle begins to move outside of its lane.
  4. The system also works to assist drivers in keeping the vehicle within its lane by applying torque to the steering wheel when necessary.
  5. By providing this additional warning, LDWS helps drivers to avoid potential collisions, reducing the risk of injury.
  6. With LDWS, Mazda CX9 Silver Door drivers can enjoy a heightened sense of safety whenever they are on the road.


The Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) is a feature of modern automobiles that helps drivers maintain their lane while driving. This technology utilizes sensors and cameras to detect when the car begins to drift out of its current lane. When this happens, an audible warning will sound as an alert for the driver to correct their course. The LDWS can be extremely helpful in avoiding dangerous situations on the road, such as accidentally leaving your lane due to tiredness or distraction.

Fuel economy is another important factor when considering the addition of an LDWS system into one’s automobile fleet. Generally speaking, the increase in fuel efficiency resulting from using this system is negligible; however, it should still be taken into consideration since even small savings may add up over time. Additionally, maintenance costs associated with these systems are fairly low compared to other parts in a vehicle and do not require frequent repair work.

Overall, adding an LDWS system to a vehicle brings many benefits including safer roads and potentially lower maintenance costs. Drivers who make use of this system can rest assured knowing they have one more tool at their disposal for keeping themselves safe on the road. While there may be no significant gains in terms of fuel economy, any additional savings will certainly make this purchase worthwhile.


Installing a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) can be quite the undertaking. Fortunately, there are some DIY tips and time saving tricks that make the installation process much easier. For starters, when installing an LDWS system, it is important to take your time and ensure that each step is done correctly in order to get the most out of this technology. Additionally, reading through the instructions carefully before beginning will help eliminate potential issues down the line. Furthermore, if possible, enlisting professional assistance may prove beneficial as they have experience with these types of systems and could provide helpful advice or solutions should any problems arise during installation. With these simple tips in mind, tackling a lane departure warning system installation can become much less daunting and even enjoyable for those who seek challenges from working on their own vehicles.


The implementation of a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) provides numerous benefits to drivers. From increased safety and confidence on the road, to potential cost savings over time, LDWS technology can offer an array of advantages that make it worth investing in. When considering reliability benefits, these systems are designed with advanced sensors and algorithms that work together to ensure precise accuracy when detecting lane changes or drifts. Additionally, this type of technology has been shown to reduce the risk of collisions due to driver drowsiness or distraction , making it invaluable for those who value their safety while driving. Cost savings may also be realized by reducing damage caused by drifting into another lane or obstacles along the side of the road – both scenarios where LDWS could have prevented such events from occurring in the first place . For those looking for peace-of-mind beyond traditional safety features like airbags and seatbelts, installing an LDWS system is certainly one way to achieve it.

Smart City Brake Support

The Mazda CX9 is a vehicle that offers its owners genuine Mazda parts and the latest in safety technology, one of which is Smart City Brake Support (SCBS). SCBS utilizes advanced sensors to detect objects in front of the car. If there is an object detected, the system will warn the driver with both audible and visual alerts, as well as providing additional braking force if needed. This feature helps drivers avoid potential collisions at low speeds – up to 19 mph – making it easier for drivers to navigate city streets safely.

In addition to this enhanced safety feature, the Mazda CX9 also features fuel efficiency and smart parking capabilities. The engine of the vehicle has been designed to maximize fuel economy while still delivering power when necessary. It can reach up to 25 miles per gallon on the highway thanks to its ECO-mode setting, helping drivers save money at the pump. Meanwhile, the smart parking assistance makes it easy for drivers to find available spaces quickly and efficiently.

This combination of convenience, performance and safety make the Mazda CX9 Silver Door Used model a great choice for those looking for a reliable vehicle that won’t break their budget or compromise their safety on busy city roads. With these features combined into one package, you can enjoy all aspects of driving without worrying about what lies ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does The 2011 Mazda Cx9 Silver Door Used Cost?

The 2011 Mazda CX9 Silver Door Used is an attractive option for those looking for a reliable and durable vehicle. With its tested durability, the vehicle has been able to withstand the test of time without much maintenance or repair costs. Although it may require some repairs over time due to wear and tear, consumers can be sure that they are getting a quality car in exchange for their money. Moreover, purchasing genuine parts from Mazda helps ensure that this particular model will last longer than other vehicles on the road today.

What Is The Fuel Economy Of The 2011 Mazda Cx9 Silver Door Used?

The 2011 Mazda CX9 Silver Door Used is renowned for its exceptional fuel economy and emissions standards. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the model offers an impressive 18 mpg in the city, 24 mpg on highways, and 20 combined miles per gallon (MPG). This makes it one of the most efficient vehicles in its class, providing drivers with a reliable yet economical option that meets their needs while reducing their environmental footprint.

Is The 2011 Mazda Cx9 Silver Door Used Covered By A Warranty?

When considering the purchase of a new or used car, warranty details become an important consideration. The 2011 Mazda CX9 Silver Door is covered by a limited warranty that offers replacement options for certain parts and components. Depending on the condition of the vehicle, this may include coverage for up to three years from the date of delivery. This type of coverage allows customers to have peace-of-mind in knowing that their investment is protected if any problems should arise during ownership.

Can I Install The Genuine Mazda Parts On My Own?

Installing genuine Mazda parts on a 2011 Mazda CX9 Silver Door Used can be done by the average DIY car enthusiast, but some helpful tips and installation advice are needed. As with any home improvement project, preparation is essential to success: make sure your tools are organized, you have access to replacement parts if something unexpected happens during the installation process, and take detailed notes of what needs to be done in order to complete the job quickly and efficiently. Having an understanding of basic automotive principles can also go a long way when it comes to installing genuine Mazda parts; even a casual knowledge will help ensure that all safety precautions are taken while successfully completing the task at hand.

Is The 2011 Mazda Cx9 Silver Door Used Compatible With Other Aftermarket Parts?

When it comes to aftermarket compatibility, there are a few considerations that must be taken into account with the 2011 Mazda CX9 Silver Door Used. Durability concerns may arise when using parts from outside sources for an older vehicle model; however, depending on the quality of the part and its installation process, some aftermarket parts can work well with this particular automobile. It is important to research thoroughly before installing any non-genuine Mazda parts in order to ensure proper compatibility and durability.


The 2011 Mazda CX9 Silver Door Used is a reliable vehicle that has stood the test of time. It boasts an impressive fuel economy, and comes with a warranty for peace of mind. With genuine Mazda parts available, owners have the capability to maintain their vehicles themselves or install aftermarket parts if they choose.
Overall, this car is like a diamond in the rough; it may not be flashy on the outside, but true value lies beneath its surface. For those looking for dependable transportation at an affordable cost, the 2011 Mazda CX9 Silver Door Used provides just that, ticking all of the right boxes. Like a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, this car should not be overlooked as an excellent option when searching for your next ride.