Mazda CX9 Used Third Row Buy Your Dream Car Now

The Mazda CX9 is a popular used third row vehicle, known for its smooth ride and luxurious interior. Its sleek design and sporty performance make it an ideal choice for car buyers looking to buy their dream car. With its ability to accommodate up to seven passengers and plenty of cargo space, the Mazda CX9 provides a great balance between style, practicality and affordability. This article will explore why this model is such an attractive option for those seeking out a quality used third row vehicle that won’t break the bank.

In addition, the piece will also go over some of the features that make the Mazda CX9 stand out from other vehicles in its class including safety ratings, engine options, exterior styling choices and more. It’ll emphasize how buying a used Mazda CX9 can give people access to luxury features without having to pay top dollar. Finally, it’ll cover tips on what potential buyers should look out for when purchasing one so they can get the best value possible.

Why Choose The Mazda Cx9?

The old adage “you get what you pay for” holds true when considering the Mazda CX9. As a mid-size crossover SUV, this vehicle offers reliability ratings and price comparisons that are hard to beat in its class. Its sleek design is both eye-catching and efficient, with an aerodynamic silhouette that allows it to achieve exceptional fuel economy without sacrificing power or performance on the road.

When it comes to safety features, the Mazda has spared no expense. A full suite of airbags provide passengers with comprehensive protection from all angles, while standard blind spot monitoring ensures drivers have greater visibility of their surroundings at all times. Additionally, this car includes a variety of driver assistance technologies such as lane departure warning systems and automatic emergency braking for added peace of mind.

Mazda’s commitment to quality engineering and craftsmanship can be seen throughout every detail of the CX9 – from its spacious interior cabin equipped with intuitive user controls and advanced entertainment options, to its durable exterior construction made from high-grade materials designed to last for years to come. With so much value packed into one package, it’s easy to see why the Mazda CX9 is quickly becoming one of the most popular vehicles in its segment. Moving forward we will discuss further how these impressive safety ratings make this car a great choice for families looking for extra security on the roads.

Safety Ratings

The Mazda CX-9 is a popular choice for families who need extra space and comfort. It has proven to be reliable, safe, and stylish on the road. But what are the safety ratings?

Crash tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have given the Mazda CX-9 an impressive 5-star overall rating:

  • Crashworthiness: The CX-9 earned 5 stars in all crashworthiness categories including frontal impacts, side impacts, and rollover prevention.
  • Safety Assist Technologies: NHTSA gave 4 out of 5 stars for its active safety features like forward collision warning, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise control.
  • Reliability Ratings: Consumer Reports gives it an above average reliability score thanks to minimal reported problems from owners over time.

The Mazda CX-9 provides peace of mind with its excellent safety ratings that surpass expectations. With these credentials backing up this used third row family car, you can buy your dream car knowing that your loved ones will remain safe on every journey. Moving on from here we’ll explore engine options available…

Engine Options

Do you want to know what’s under the hood of a Mazda CX-9? With performance specs and maintenance costs in mind, this section will provide an overview of some engine options that are available on the latest model.

The base engine option for the 2020 Mazda CX-9 is a 2.5L 4-cylinder turbocharged SKYACTIV®-G gasoline engine that produces 227 horsepower and 310 lb.-ft. of torque. This powerful engine offers excellent fuel economy ratings with up to 22 MPG city/27 highway when paired with all-wheel drive (AWD). Those who prefer more power can opt for the available 2.2L Skyactiv®-.D diesel engine which delivers 168 horsepower and 290 lb.-ft. of torque while achieving impressive EPA estimated fuel efficiency ratings of 28 MPG city/31 highway when equipped with AWD. Both engines come mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission featuring Sport mode for drivers looking for improved acceleration response and manual shift control at their fingertips.

At the top end, there’s also a 3.7L V6 motor capable of producing 273 horsepower and 270 lb.-ft.of torque – perfect for those who demand maximum performance from their vehicle without sacrificing fuel efficiency as it still achieves 20 MPG city/26 highway*. The choice between these three different engines allows each driver to customize their car experience according to their own needs and preferences.. Moving onto interior features…

Interior Features

The Mazda CX-9 offers a comfortable and well-designed interior that allows passengers to travel in style. The cabin is spacious and the seats provide both comfort and support, making long journeys much more enjoyable. The driver’s seat has power adjustable settings so drivers can find their ideal driving position quickly and easily while the third row of seating provides an impressive amount of legroom for those needing extra space.

Interior design wise, there’s no mistaking this car for anything else but a luxury vehicle with its premium materials used throughout the cabin. Ergonomically designed controls are within easy reach on the center console as well as soft touch materials adding to the overall refinement of the experience. Ambient lighting helps set the mood inside too giving it a warm homely feel during night time drives.

Comfort levels in this SUV are second to none with features like heated front seats, multiple USB ports and ample storage areas providing plenty of convenience along your journey. There’s even options such as ventilated front seats which make sure you always remain cool no matter how hot it gets outside – perfect for summer road trips! With exterior styling next up on our agenda, let us explore what makes this car stand out from other cars on the road today.

Exterior Styling

The Mazda CX9 has an aerodynamic design with flowing lines and a low stance that gives it a sporty look. Its signature grille is prominent and eye-catching, featuring a unique mesh pattern. The exterior styling of the Mazda CX9 is sleek and modern, with a chrome finish that adds a touch of class. With the third row of seating, the Mazda CX9 is the perfect vehicle for those looking to buy their dream car.

Aerodynamic Design

The Mazda CX9 offers an exterior style that encapsulates luxury and aerodynamic features. The design of this SUV embraces the concept of a coupe-like profile, with dynamic curves along its side panels creating a sleek silhouette while still possessing a robust build suitable for family use. Its low roofline also provides improved aerodynamics at higher speeds, making it one of the most efficient vehicles in its class. Furthermore, it has been designed to reduce wind noise and improve fuel efficiency. All these aspects combine to provide excellent value for money when considering high end styling and performance from this midsize vehicle. From daytime running lights to chrome accents, every detail on the Mazda CX9 is crafted to impress – allowing you to buy your dream car now!

Signature Grille

The signature grille of the Mazda CX9 is a defining feature that sets it apart from other midsize vehicles. It is designed to reflect the ‘Mazda Design’ philosophy, with its intricate curves and luxurious detailing providing an unmistakable appeal. The unique shape of the grille meshes seamlessly with the aerodynamic bodywork, creating an overall aesthetic that emphasizes luxury without compromising on performance. Furthermore, this striking design provides improved airflow while still keeping noise levels low – meaning you can enjoy your drive in peace and quiet! With its signature grille, the Mazda CX9 offers drivers a chance to stand out from the crowd; offering head-turning style combined with reliable engineering for a truly unforgettable ride.

Comfort And Convenience

The Mazda CX-9 is a dream come true for car enthusiasts looking for the perfect combination of comfort and convenience. Ready to whisk you away in luxury, this SUV offers seating fit for royalty with its plush leather trim, adjustable lumbar support, and heated second row seats. It’s clear that Mazda put their best foot forward when designing this vehicle – an effort that shows in spades.

To top it off, the CX-9 comes loaded with cutting edge technology designed to make your life easier:

  • Advanced Audio System:
  • Bose Centerpoint 2 surround sound system
  • 12 speakers throughout the cabin
  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility
  • Safety Features:
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW) System
  • Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) and Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

These features don’t just add convenience but also peace of mind behind the wheel. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or out on a long drive, these advanced technologies are sure to provide assurance while cruising down the highway. With everything from luxurious seating to advanced tech, it’s no wonder why so many people have fallen head over heels for the Mazda CX-9! Now, let us take a look at how much cargo space this incredible machine has to offer…

Cargo Space

The Mazda CX9 used third row offers a spacious cargo capacity of up to 71.2 cubic feet. Its innovative fold-down design allows for versatile storage solutions, such as the available power rear liftgate and adjustable cargo area. The third row seating can be folded down with ease, providing more room for larger items. Moreover, the rear seatback has a 60/40 split-folding design, allowing it to accommodate different items.

Cargo Capacity

The Mazda CX-9 is a great choice for those who need extra cargo capacity. It offers up to 71.2 cubic feet of storage space when the third row is folded down, making it one of the most spacious three-row SUVs on the market. The second row seatbacks can be easily folded flat or reclined, providing plenty of options for road trips and long days at the beach. Additionally, there are multiple convenient storage solutions throughout the cabin, including door pockets and underfloor compartments that make storing items more efficient. With its ample cargo space and well thought out storage solutions, this SUV will provide you with enough room to store all your belongings without sacrificing comfort or style. Whether you’re looking for an adventure vehicle or just wanting a reliable family car, the Mazda CX-9 has everything you need – so go ahead and buy your dream car now!

Storage Solutions

The Mazda CX-9 is ideal for those in need of spacious cargo capacity. It offers up to 71.2 cubic feet of storage space when the third row is folded down, making it one of the most roomy three-row SUVs available. To optimize its utility, multiple convenient storage solutions have been implemented throughout the cabin. This includes door pockets and underfloor compartments that provide a greater degree of organization and efficiency. Additionally, the second row seatbacks can be easily reclined or folded flat to make way for larger items such as luggage and beach gear. With its ample cargo capacity combined with effective storage options, this vehicle provides all the necessary components for an enjoyable road trip, vacation or commute without sacrificing comfort or style.

Fuel Economy

The Mazda CX9 is an excellent choice for those looking to maximize their fuel economy benefits. The combination of its aerodynamic styling and lightweight materials makes it one of the most efficient vehicles on the market. Its advanced powertrain technology has been engineered with environmental impact in mind, allowing drivers to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing performance or comfort.

The Mazda CX9’s incredible fuel efficiency doesn’t come at the expense of luxury features; inside you’ll find a host of modern amenities designed to make your driving experience as enjoyable as possible. From heated front seats and automatic climate control to intuitive infotainment systems, no detail has been overlooked. Plus, its third row seating provides ample room for up to seven passengers—making it perfect for family trips or long road trips alike!

All in all, the Mazda CX9 offers unbeatable value when it comes to fuel economy and eco-friendly design. Whether you’re looking for a car that can take you from point A to B with ease or one that will help minimize your environmental impact, this sporty SUV is sure to deliver. With its impressive feature set and competitive price tag, buying used may be the way to go.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Used

The Mazda CX9 is a reliable and efficient vehicle with features that make it ideal for those looking for an SUV. Fuel economy for the CX9 can range from 18-24 mpg depending on engine size and other factors, making it an economical choice of transportation. When considering buying a used Mazda CX9, there are some important pros and cons to consider:


  • Lower Upfront Cost – Purchasing a used car allows buyers to get more bang for their buck in terms of cost versus what they would pay for a brand new model.
  • Fewer Depreciation Costs – Used cars have already gone through much of their depreciation period, so buyers don’t have to worry as much about losing money when reselling or trading in their vehicle at a later date.
  • Financing Options Available – Many lenders offer financing options for purchasing pre-owned vehicles, providing flexibility for customers who might not be able to buy outright.
  • Variety Of Models To Choose From – With many types and models available on the used market, consumers can find just the right fit at an affordable price point.


  • Maintenance Costs – Older cars tend to require more frequent maintenance than newer models which may increase repair costs over time.
  • Unknown History – Not knowing all details about how the previous owner maintained the car could present potential issues or problems down the road.
  • Limited Warranty Coverage – Most manufacturers do not provide warranties on used cars due to age and past ownership history, leaving buyers without coverage if something goes wrong after purchase.

When selecting any type of used car, it is always wise to research extensively before making your final decision. Doing this will help ensure you are getting exactly what you need while saving money at the same time. It’s worth noting that certain dealerships may even offer certified pre-owned programs that include additional benefits like extended warranty coverage and roadside assistance packages – taking out some of the guesswork involved in finding a quality second hand automobile. Now let’s explore tips for buying a used Mazda CX9.

Tips For Buying A Used Mazda Cx9

The used Mazda CX9 is the dream car for many drivers, offering a third row of seating and luxurious amenities. It’s no wonder that so many people are looking to buy one. With some research and preparation, it can be easy to find the perfect pre-owned model.

It all starts with test drives. Used Mazdas come in various trims and features, so don’t just settle for the first option you see; take your time to explore different models. Try out each vehicle on the open road to get an accurate feel of how it handles and accelerates before committing to purchase. Be sure to pay attention to any squeaks or rattles coming from underneath the hood as well.

When you’ve narrowed down your choices, compare prices between dealerships and online sources like CarMax or AutoTrader. Don’t forget about additional costs such as taxes, registration fees, and extended warranties if needed. Doing this bit of homework will help ensure you’re getting the best deal possible on your next used Mazda CX9.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Reliable Is The Mazda Cx9?

The Mazda CX9 is known for its reliability, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable used car. Safety ratings and fuel economy are important factors to consider when purchasing a vehicle. The Mazda CX9 offers good safety ratings with plenty of airbags and advanced driver-assist technology that helps you stay safe on the road. It also has excellent fuel economy, getting up to 25 mpg in combined city/highway driving. With these two key features, the Mazda CX9 provides drivers with both peace of mind and efficiency.

What Is The Cost Of Ownership Of A Used Mazda Cx9?

Owning a used Mazda CX9 is an appealing option for many car buyers. Not only does it offer plenty of space, with its third row seating, but the cost of ownership can be surprisingly low. Fuel efficiency is one key factor to consider when assessing costs – and the Mazda CX9 excels in this area. It boasts up to 25 miles per gallon on highways, making long trips more affordable than ever before. Maintenance costs are also relatively low thanks to dependability ratings that remain high even after years of use. With all these factors taken into account, owning a used Mazda CX9 could prove to be a wise investment for those who want their dream car without breaking the bank.

What Kind Of Warranty Is Offered On A Used Mazda Cx9?

When considering a used Mazda CX9, it is important to consider what kind of warranty is offered. Depending on the age and condition of the vehicle, warranties may vary, but typically they cover repair costs or any defects in parts for up to 3 years or 36,000 miles. It is also possible to get extended coverage with additional benefits like roadside assistance and fuel economy reimbursements. Therefore, it pays off to do some research before purchasing a used Mazda CX9 so that you can ensure your car will be covered should something go wrong.

Are There Any Recalls On The Mazda Cx9?

The Mazda CX9 is a popular vehicle for families looking to maximize space, fuel economy and safety ratings. But when considering purchasing a used model of this car, one needs to be aware if there are any potential recalls that have been issued due to manufacturer defects or other issues. It is important to research the make and model in order to ensure the safest purchase possible. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides an up-to-date list of all current recall information on vehicles sold in the United States by visiting their website or calling their customer service line. Researching this information can help consumers avoid costly repairs later down the road in addition to ensuring they buy a safe vehicle for their family.

What Is The Resale Value Of A Used Mazda Cx9?

The Mazda CX9 is a popular mid-sized SUV that offers great fuel economy and numerous safety features. The resale value of a used model will depend on its age, condition, trim level and mileage. Generally speaking, the lower the mileage and better the condition, the higher the resale value. In some cases, models with high miles can still have good resale value if they are well maintained and in good condition. It’s advised to research recent sale prices for similar vehicles to get an idea of what buyers may be willing to pay for your specific car before setting a selling price.


The Mazda CX9 is an immensely reliable vehicle. With its robust construction and low cost of ownership, it makes for a great choice in the used car market. It is backed by solid warranties and has no significant recalls to be concerned about. Furthermore, resale value remains high due to its popularity, making it a wise investment for many drivers looking for their dream car. All things considered, the Mazda CX9 is an excellent option when seeking out a dependable and durable pre-owned vehicle that won’t break the bank. A perfect pick for passionate petrolheads seeking out something special on the secondhand scene!