Used Mazda CX9 Autonation Las Vegas Great Deals On High Quality Cars

Autonation Las Vegas is pleased to offer great deals on high quality used Mazda CX9s. With a variety of trim levels and features, the selection at Autonation provides plenty of options for drivers looking for their next vehicle. From dependable performance to luxurious amenities, buying a used Mazda CX9 from Autonation can be an exciting experience.

Whether you’re in search of a reliable family car or just looking for something that stands out from the crowd, Autonation has the resources and inventory needed to help find your perfect match. With friendly staff eager to assist with any questions or concerns, customers can feel confident they are getting the best deal possible. Let us show you why Autonation should be your first stop when searching for a pre-owned Mazda CX9!

Why Buy A Used Mazda Cx9 From Autonation Las Vegas

Are you searching for a high quality used car with great deals? Why not consider the Mazda CX9 from Autonation Las Vegas? This well-crafted vehicle is loaded with features and offers cost savings when compared to buying new.

When shopping for cars, it pays to take your time and compare different models. Test drives are essential as they help determine if the vehicle suits you and meets all of your needs. The Mazda CX9 provides drivers with an optimal balance of luxury, performance, comfort, and convenience that makes driving more enjoyable.

The Mazda CX9 comes in several trim levels including Sport, Touring, Grand Touring, Signature and Carbon Edition trims. Each offers its own set of features designed to enhance safety, entertainment options or overall styling depending on which one you choose. So while Autonation Las Vegas can provide great deals on a used Mazda CX9, shoppers should also be aware of the many trim level offerings available so they can find their perfect fit! With this knowledge in hand, let’s now explore the unique features associated with each trim level.

Trim Levels And Features

The Mazda CX-9 is available in four trim levels, namely Grand Touring, Sport, and Touring. All trim levels offer great comfort and infotainment features, including leather seats, sunroof and advanced safety systems such as blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, adaptive cruise control, and heated/ventilated seats. Remote start and navigation systems are also available as options on the higher trim levels. The Mazda CX-9 provides an excellent combination of safety, comfort, and technology, making it an ideal choice for those in the market for a high-quality car.

Grand Touring

The Mazda CX9 Grand Touring is the perfect choice for consumers seeking a combination of luxury, performance, and safety. This trim level offers upscale amenities such as leather upholstery, heated front seats, and an 8-inch infotainment system with navigation capabilities. Additionally, this model boasts impressive fuel economy ratings and advanced driver assistance features to ensure maximum safety on the road. The Mazda CX9 Grand Touring comes standard with blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert systems that help drivers detect potential hazards before they become dangerous. Not only does this trim provide superior comfort, but it also provides peace of mind while driving. With its excellent fuel efficiency and top-notch safety ratings, the Mazda CX9 Grand Touring is one of Autonation Las Vegas’s great deals on high quality cars.


The Mazda CX9 Grand Touring isn’t the only trim level offered by Autonation Las Vegas. There is also the sporty Sport trim which appeals to drivers looking for a more performance-oriented experience. This model features an aerodynamic exterior design that gives it a sleek, low profile look as well as larger alloy wheels and tires for improved handling and acceleration capabilities. Additionally, this model comes standard with a 2.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that produces up to 250 horsepower allowing drivers to enjoy the benefits of responsive power delivery and superior fuel economy ratings. The interior has been designed with attention to detail in order to provide maximum comfort while still creating an atmosphere befitting of its sporty style. It offers leather seating surfaces, bright red accents throughout, and supportive sports seats that are perfect for taking on twisty roads with confidence. With its combination of powerful performance and stylish good looks, the Mazda CX9 Sport provides car buyers with unique advantages that go beyond simply traveling from point A to B quickly and efficiently.

Dependable Performance

The Mazda CX-9 Autonation Las Vegas offers a dependable performance that is sure to satisfy. This SUV has been designed with reliable longevity in mind, making it an ideal vehicle for everyday driving and long road trips alike. When behind the wheel of this model, drivers can enjoy precise steering and handling while taking advantage of its fuel economy capabilities. Its 2.5-liter turbocharged engine provides more power than most engines in its class; delivering up to 250 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque. The 8-speed automatic transmission helps make acceleration smooth and efficient on all kinds of terrain.

Safety features also play an important role when it comes to dependability. The CX-9 delivers advanced safety systems such as Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Traffic Alerts, Forward Collision Mitigation, Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control and Automatic High Beam Control – all helping give peace of mind when out on the open road. Additionally, there are several driver aids available including Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) which assists with directional control under various conditions; Roll Stability Control (RSC) which monitors body roll during cornering or evasive maneuvers; Hill Start Assist (HSA); Trailer Sway Control (TSC). All these features come together to ensure that you stay safe no matter where your journey takes you!

With a wealth of standard amenities plus those sleek exterior lines, the Mazda CX-9 is sure to turn heads everywhere you go. Luxurious amenities await those who choose this ride – so get ready for a truly unique experience!

Luxurious Amenities

When it comes to luxurious amenities, the Mazda CX9 from Autonation Las Vegas has a lot to offer. It features leather upholstery, heated seats, a navigation system, and a premium sound system. Additional features include a moonroof, automatic climate control, power seats, automatic headlights, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, rear view camera, adaptive cruise control, panoramic sunroof, keyless entry, and push button start. Autonation Las Vegas offers great deals on high quality cars, so don’t miss out on the Mazda CX9.

Leather Upholstery

The leather upholstery of the Mazda CX9 Autonation Las Vegas offers a luxurious driving experience that is both stylish and comfortable. High-grade, supple leather covers every inch of seating surface for maximum comfort, while also providing an attractive aesthetic to the interior cabin. These materials are not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to maintain as they can be wiped down with a damp cloth and require little additional maintenance beyond this basic cleaning. The combination of luxury options and ease of care makes it possible for drivers to enjoy a superior level of convenience when on the road in their new Mazda CX9 from Autonation Las Vegas. With these features, driving never has been more indulgent and satisfying than before.

Heated Seats

The heated seats of the Mazda CX9 Autonation Las Vegas offer a luxurious driving experience that is both relaxing and comfortable. Equipped with adjustable lumbar support, these heated leather seating surfaces provide an additional layer of comfort while providing optimal safety benefits due to improved posture. Furthermore, the added warmth from the heating element helps keep passengers warm on colder days or nights when temperatures drop. With this feature, drivers can enjoy maximum relaxation in their new Mazda CX9 from Autonation Las Vegas without compromising on overall comfort or safety. As such, heated seats are ideal for those seeking an extra level of luxury and convenience during their travels. In addition to its many other amenities, this vehicle offers something truly special: an enhanced sense of relaxation and security for all who ride within it.

Variety Of Options

At Autonation Las Vegas, customers can find great deals on high quality cars like the Mazda CX9. With a variety of options available, they are sure to find something that fits their needs and budget. Here are just three examples:

  1. Low cost savings – Customers will enjoy amazing discounts when buying from Autonation Las Vegas. This means that they get more out of their purchase while spending less money.

  2. Test drive – A test drive is essential for getting an accurate feel of how the car performs under various conditions. At Autonation Las Vegas, customers have the opportunity to take a vehicle for a spin before making any commitments.

  3. Variety – The dealership offers a wide selection of vehicles ranging from sedans to SUVs and more. Whatever type of car someone may be looking for, there is likely one at AutoNation Las Vegas that would fit their needs perfectly.

Autonation Las Vegas has made it easy for buyers to make informed decisions about which car best suits them without having to overspend or sacrifice quality in the process. Now you can find your perfect match with ease!

Find Your Perfect Match

Finding the perfect car can be like finding a needle in a haystack. With an array of options available at Autonation Las Vegas, it’s easy to get lost among all the choices. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about picking out that one special car; there are several steps you can take to make sure you end up with your dream ride.

One of the best ways to find your ideal vehicle is by taking test drives. This allows you to get behind the wheel and really experience what each car has to offer. You’ll also have time to evaluate different features and ask questions as they arise. Researching reviews online is another great way to narrow down your selection – this will help you identify which cars may or may not meet your needs before heading out for a test drive.

With so many quality vehicles available from Mazda CX9, it’s important that you explore every possible avenue when searching for the right fit. Taking advantage of test drives and researching reviews should put you on track towards finding exactly what suits your lifestyle and preferences – now all that’s left is friendly staff who can answer any additional queries and guide you through the rest of the process.

Friendly Staff

At Autonation Mazda in Las Vegas, customers are greeted with friendly service and a knowledgeable staff. The sales team is experienced and helpful; they’re committed to finding the perfect car for you at the best price possible. With their years of automotive experience, they can answer any questions or concern that may arise during your search for a new vehicle.

Plus, customer service doesn’t stop after purchase. Autonation Mazda Las Vegas provides an extensive warranty program so you can protect your investment from unforeseen repairs. They also offer discounts on scheduled maintenance services like oil changes and tire rotations to ensure your car runs smoothly over time.

Whether you’re looking for top-of-the-line luxury or searching for great deals on high quality cars, Autonation Mazda Las Vegas has it all. Their friendly staff will make sure you get the best deal possible while providing superior customer service every step of the way. From start to finish, their goal is to make shopping for a car an enjoyable experience that leaves you feeling confident and satisfied with your choice – no matter what type of vehicle you select.

Best Deal Possible

From the moment you enter Autonation Las Vegas, it is clear that they are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience. The friendly staff greet each visitor with a smile and make sure that every person feels welcome. They go above and beyond to ensure that customers get the best deal possible on their dream car.

The team at Autonation Las Vegas have access to a wide range of cars from top brands such as Mazda CX9s, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a luxury vehicle or just an affordable ride, they can help find what you need. Plus, experienced sales professionals compare prices across different makes and models in order to secure the absolute lowest cost for the customer. Additionally, all vehicles come with safety ratings which gives customers peace of mind when purchasing a new car.

Finally, Autonation Las Vegas offers financing options tailored specifically for your budget and lifestyle needs. Customers can choose from flexible payment plans designed to fit any financial situation – making it easy to walk away from the dealership with the perfect car without breaking the bank!

Financing Options

Mazda CX9 Autonation Las Vegas provides affordable financing options for all customers. Whether you’re looking to buy a new or used car, there are several plans available that can meet your needs and budget. They offer competitive interest rates and flexible terms so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank with your purchase. Additionally, they work hard to ensure that everyone who applies meets their credit score requirements.

For those interested in purchasing a Mazda CX9 from Autonation Las Vegas, it is important to note that they provide excellent customer service throughout the entire process. From helping you select the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle to offering helpful advice on how best to finance it, their team of experts will make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. In fact, many customers report feeling like a part of the family when dealing with them!

The commitment to quality doesn’t stop at providing great vehicles and financing options – Autonation Las Vegas also has an impressive satisfaction guarantee policy. They want every customer to feel confident in their decision which is why they stand behind each sale 100%. With such assurance, customers can be sure that they’ll be getting exactly what they need when shopping with this dealership.

Autonation Satisfaction Guarantee

Mazda’s Autonation in Las Vegas is well-known for providing great deals on high quality cars, but they also offer another important benefit: peace of mind. At Autonation, customers are given the assurance that their purchase will be backed by a satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee gives drivers an added layer of security that can put them at ease when making such a significant investment.

Autonation not only provides its buyers with exceptional vehicles and services, but also has unbeatable customer service to back it up. From friendly sales associates to knowledgeable technicians, each staff member is dedicated to helping customers find exactly what they need – all while putting safety first. As part of their commitment to excellence, Autonation offers maintenance packages that include regular inspections and oil changes so drivers can have confidence out on the road.

The combination of top-notch vehicles and reliable customer service ensures every trip from Autonation is stress-free and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for your dream car or just wanting basic upkeep, there’s no better place than Mazda’s Autonation in Las Vegas. With the satisfaction guarantee backing each purchase, customers get more than just wheels; they get peace of mind as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Used Mazda Cx9 From Autonation Las Vegas?

Purchasing a vehicle is often an exciting yet daunting process. Getting the car of your dreams delivered quickly and efficiently should be no exception. For those looking to purchase a used Mazda CX9 from Autonation Las Vegas, the process can range anywhere from same day delivery to 3-4 days depending on availability. With their great deals on high quality cars, customers will find that they are able to enjoy their new car in no time at all!

What Kind Of Warranty Does Autonation Offer On Used Mazda Cx9s?

Autonation offers a variety of warranties on used Mazda CX9s, depending on the condition and age of the vehicle. Customers can expect to find coverage plans ranging from basic powertrain protection up to full bumper-to-bumper coverage for newer models. Certified mechanics inspect each car before it is offered for sale, ensuring that all vehicles meet Autonation’s high quality standards. Prices are competitively compared with other dealers in the area, allowing customers to get the best deal possible on their purchase.

Does Autonation Las Vegas Accept Trade-Ins?

Autonation Las Vegas is known for its great deals on high quality cars, but it also offers more than just a good deal. One of their services includes evaluating trade-ins to help customers get the best value possible. Trade-in values are based on factors such as make, model, year and condition of the vehicle being traded in, as well as credit score; allowing Autonation Las Vegas to offer competitive rates that can be negotiated further if desired. As the saying goes "a penny saved is a penny earned"; trading in your old car with Autonation Las Vegas could save you some serious money!

Are There Any Hidden Fees Associated With Purchasing A Used Mazda Cx9 From Autonation Las Vegas?

When it comes to purchasing a used Mazda CX9 from Autonation Las Vegas, potential buyers should be aware of the price transparency and negotiation tactics associated with such a purchase. It is important for buyers to research any hidden fees that may be associated with the car they are considering, as well as inquire about available discounts or incentives that could potentially lower the overall cost of their vehicle. By utilizing these methods, shoppers can ensure they get the best deal on their desired vehicle while avoiding excessive costs.

Does Autonation Las Vegas Offer Any Additional Services Such As Extended Service Plans Or Roadside Assistance?

At Autonation Las Vegas, the ultimate car buying experience awaits. With a wide selection of used Mazda CX9s and an array of financing options available, customers can find their perfect ride with ease. Not only does Autonation Las Vegas provide great deals on high-quality cars, but they also offer additional services such as extended service plans and roadside assistance to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Test driving any model is encouraged before making a purchase decision – offering peace of mind that you’ve made the right choice. Don’t miss out on all the amazing opportunities offered at Autonation Las Vegas!


The used Mazda CX9 from Autonation Las Vegas offers a great deal for quality cars. From the extended warranty, to the acceptance of trade-ins and no hidden fees, it is clear that customers can have an enjoyable experience when purchasing their car from Autonation Las Vegas. Furthermore, with additional services such as roadside assistance and extended service plans offered at attractive prices, customers are guaranteed satisfaction when investing in a used Mazda CX9 from Autonation Las Vegas. With all these features available within one dealership, it’s easy to see why this is becoming the go-to place for those looking for reliable vehicles at competitive prices.